Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 14

I am working up in the beautiful community of Norway House, MB this week!  I've been without internet access since Monday, and have fallen behind in my daily postings.  So, I'm playing a bit of "catch up" with the Poem a Day Challenge.

The prompt for Day 14 was to write a report poem.  I sketched out both of these poems while sitting in the Perimeter Aviation terminal from 6am to 8am Monday morning.  I'm pleased with both pieces, and so I can say something good came out of a delayed flight.  Hopefully, after reading them, you might agree!

This first one was loosely inspired by the recent reconnecting of one of my university roommates.  It really has been difficult to stay in touch with people, despite the world of technology and the immediacy offered through texts, chat,  emails and the like.

The second poem is my somewhat whimsical reliving of a common country pastime from bygone days... the barn dance.

Missing Persons Report

I’m here to file a Missing Persons Report
in hopes of reconnecting with my past—
with people—to understand the elements
that helped to shape my current form.
My college roommate—one part sister,
two parts friend—has not been seen
nor heard from since the days we left
to travel separate paths.  My fault, not hers.
Life hasn’t proven easy nor conducive
to the art of correspondence.
It boils down to this:  time—too little—
and stress—too much.  This combination
culminates in anxious thoughts
that bind my limbs and gag my mouth.
Hoodwinked at times, perhaps I’ve been
the person missing all along…

I’m here to file a Missing Persons Report. 
Have you seen me lately?

My Report on The Barn Dance

And now the barn, no longer plain,
transforms into a place where dreams begin,

and now musicians take the stage,

and now the strains of fiddle float through air
to thrum an invitation—dance!

And now suspendered gents approach the girls
whose faces, flush with yearning, smile “yes!”,
then couples, young and old alike, pair off,

and now the music picks up speed,
and how our feet do fly and move in rhythm!

And now the peals of laughter rise
to join this country ho-down symphony,

and now the music skips a beat,
(or so it felt, to look into your eyes.)

And now, the dance comes to its close.

Outside the night feels fresh against my face,
and now he plants a kiss upon my cheek,
and now, the evening stars escort me home.

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