Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Day 2

Today's prompt is to write a secret poem.  Secrets can follow us for a long time, whether we recognize the effect their presence has on our lives, or not.

Life’s Trajectory

Grappling with decisions made
so long ago, a part of this life is
mired in the mud of yesteryear,
its trajectory shifted for all time
by the words left unspoken.

Kitchen Secrets

The queen of each family gathering,
she graced our holiday table with sweets
and sours, spicy hots, and savouries—
something for every palette to enjoy.

She never shared her recipes and dinners
have not been the same since she left
for a celestial kitchen, leaving us to mind
our own soufflés and casseroles.

I have to wonder if that was her plan
all along, to ensure immortality—bland
and tasteless as it may be—memories of
her cuisine overpowering each new dish.


Eventually, we all yield the crow
a pudding.  So, let me be put to bed
with a shovel before daylight dwindles
and is gone forever.  Best to lay down
one’s knife and fork as the feast concludes
and tones of dessert linger on the tongue.

Still, I can’t help but ponder,
questioning my own existence
through its lens.  What would I give
to peel back its black carapace
and examine what decaying secrets
are beyond the bleak doorway?

But, until I bolster my courage
(or find a way to climb back up
the six-foot ladder) I will remain
unsatisfied, alive with morbid curiosity,
unwilling to rush forward, breathe my last,
and cross that stormy threshold.

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