Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 16

The prompt for today is to write a favourite poem.  I had a difficult time choosing one favourite thing to write about...  so I wrote this last night while suffering from insomnia!

Contemplation on My Favourite Part of the Day

When the bustle of the busy day subsides
and the house falls quiet around me,
I slip into my bed and pull the comfort
of a still and silky night over myself.

I lie there, letting sleep elude me for a while,
luxuriating within the spaciousness of the bed,
feeling the coolness of cotton sheets against my skin.
A pillow cradles my head as a mother does
a newborn.

I think
how fortunate it is to be alive,

and I am blissfully content in this moment,
in this body,
in this bed,
in this place in my life,

until gratitude rocks me to sleep.

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