Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Day 1

For my 9th consecutive year, I'm once again following the Writer's Digest Poem a Day prompts under Robert Lee Brewer's Blog, Poetic Asides.  I love this opportunity to challenge myself and think outside the box using prompts I would have never come up with on my own.

The theme for today is to write a portrait poem.  It has me thinking about all the past moments, frozen in time, that connect to create a life.  Here is a poem inspired by a beautiful print I purchased last year while enjoying a vacation in Mazatlan.  The artist, Diego Rivera, was a well known Mexican painter.

Portrait of a Flower Girl in Mazatlán

She kneels before cut calla lilies
stretching out her arms as though
to embrace them, to arrange them
as perfectly as the sun’s warmth
and gentle rains have grown them.

Nutmeg arms, milky white blooms,
swaying in unison, a fluid tango
of colour and movement and beauty.
She does not turn around, letting
the faces of flowers speak their
floral names instead:

Somos Alegría,
Somos Belleza,
Somos Amor,
y estos regalos que te damos.

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