Thursday, April 12, 2018

Day 12

Today's theme is lamentation. 

Expanding into Life

I hear the chirrup of birds out my window.
Perhaps, they never stopped singing, but
their trills sound miraculous to my ears—

denied the lyrical notes of happiness far too
long—my forlorn self chose silence over joy.
But, how does one let go of Sorrow’s hand?

The greening of spring brings a new season.
Perhaps, time’s passage has done its work,
and Nature has been put right in the world.

Somehow, my soul has built a new foundation
with all the pain that tried to obscure beauty
from my sight.  A fundamental new spark has

burnt open my eyes, and true sight gives all a
new appreciation of life.  I’m filled.  The void,
where suffering was endlessly consumed, now

expands with each new breath I take.  I’ll sing
my own song this day, and every day forward
my tremulous voice grows stronger.  Soon, I

will become an ode to my own joy!  Let others
wear black sackcloth for me no longer.  My
countless days of lamentation are over.

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