Friday, April 13, 2018

Sonnets are like Pringles...

... I can never write just one.

So, in follow-up to yesterday's bug-inspired poem, I found myself composing a second sonnet today.  Something about patterning, working within a specific line format, iambic meter...  maybe I just need a bit more structure in my life!  (And, now that I've posted this, I am returning to the work at hand—creating something out of the list of 10 words supplied by the CV2 contest organizers for this year's 2-Day Poem Contest.)


I’ll write a sonnet to myself this day
to sing of great achievements with no shame,
for I have faced great odds and found my way
despite the many obstacles that came.

Adversity once knocked me to the ground
and not just once, but countless times before.
A woman’s destiny has long been found
as “less than” and subservient, not “more.”

But, woman’s strength is in her will to rise
above denial’s constant hum of doubt.
With sisters by her side,  she’ll reach the prize
to stand together with triumphant shout!

Supporting one another, hand in hand
is how we must proceed across the land.

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