Friday, April 6, 2018

Day 6

Today's prompt was to pick a food, use it as the title of the poem, then write the poem.  Now, I love food as much (or more) as the next poet...  but  I found this prompt surprisingly difficult to work with.  Regardless, here is the result of my struggle.


God knows how easily I’m seduced
by roast leg of lamb; reduced to mere quivers
when it’s smothered thick in mint jelly.
I’m smitten by the sight of a beef Wellington,
along with Yorkshire pudding drowned in gravy,
rich and savoury each morsel consumed!
Rosemary and thyme, the herbs smell divine,
to announce the pork pie’s arrival. Lord save me!
My survival depends on the serving!

Were gluttony not the sin that it is, perhaps
I’d let myself indulge in foods more decadent
than is wise. But, (thankfully) good sense applies
and heart disease is not a prize I’d choose!
Instead, I view through the window my Garden
out back where The Tree of Life flourishes now.
It grows lovely apples, forbidden fruit no more,
conveniently available, and I have learned its tart,
sweet taste will linger on the palette without harm.

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