Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Day 3

It's two for Tuesday, and we have been given our first double prompt.  The theme is to write a stop and/or don't stop poem.  I tried writing something lighter, but this darker piece is what finally made its way on to the paper.

Comfort Zones

I know what you’ll say and it’s true,
every word of it.  We all have our own crosses
to bear.  On the outside, I appear quite normal
and I assure you, I’m stable most of the time.

There’s a straight-edge razor pressed against
the translucent skin of my wrist, tracing
blue veins along the length of my inner arm
with growing determination,  the pressure
forming a line of tiny, red pearls in its wake.

But, on the inside, voices in my head are at odds.
My heart remains hopeful.  Screams, “Stop! Stop!”
While my brain hums, hypnotically, reassuring me,
saying, “Nothing changes, don’t stop this time.”

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